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Kanji Detail for 虐 - "cruelty, oppression, abuse"

  • Meaning

    虐 means "cruelty, oppression, abuse."

    1. Torment - To cause physical or mental suffering to someone.

    2. Abuse - To treat someone cruelly or unfairly.

    3. Harm - To cause physical or emotional injury to someone.

    4. Mistreat - To treat someone harshly or unfairly.

    5. Damage - To cause harm or injury to something.

    6. Cruel - Showing no mercy or compassion.

    7. Harsh - Severe or unkind in manner or action.

    8. Strict - Rigidly enforcing rules and regulations.

    9. Calamity - A great misfortune or disaster.

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Sentences including

  • Don't be cruel to animals.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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