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Kanji Detail for 甲 - "armor, first, a (in a sequence of items)"

  • Meaning

    甲 means "armor, first, a (in a sequence of items)."

    1. First in rank or order - The first in a series of things or a class of things.

    2. Hard outer covering - A hard outer covering that covers the exterior of something. e.g. Turtle shell(甲羅).

    3. Armor - Protective clothing that covers the body. e.g. 甲冑.

    4. Element of Wood - In the Five Elements, it is associated with Wood.

    5. Direction of East - In the Eight Directions, it is associated with East.

    6. High pitch - Refers to a high pitch in sound.

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Sentences including

  • You make life worth living.

  • That was well worth the trouble.

  • I have nothing to live for.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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