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Kanji Detail for 繕 - "mend, repair, patch up"

  • Meaning

    繕 means "mend, repair, patch up."

    1. Repair, Fix - To mend, repair, or restore something to its original condition.

    2. Arrange, Organize - To put things in order or arrange them in a neat and orderly way.

    3. Govern, Rule - To exercise authority over or control someone or something.

    4. Prepare, Provide - To make ready or provide something for a particular purpose.

    5. Copy, Duplicate - To make an exact copy of something.

    6. Strengthen, Fortify - To make something stronger or more powerful.

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Sentences including

  • Our telephone is out of order so i shall have it repaired.

  • I'll have them repair my car.

  • I asked him to mend my shoes.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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