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Kanji Detail for 甘 - "sweet, sugary, gentle, lenient"

  • Meaning

    甘 means "sweet, sugary, gentle, lenient."

    1. Sweet - Having a pleasant taste, usually referring to a sugary flavor.

    2. Mild - Not strong or intense, gentle.

    3. Loose - Not firmly or tightly fixed in place, not held securely.

    4. Lenient - Not strict or severe, tolerant.

    5. Dull - Not sharp or clear, not bright or intense.

    6. Yielding - Giving way to pressure, compliant.

    7. Satisfied - Feeling contented or pleased with a situation.

    8. Pleasing - Giving pleasure or satisfaction, enjoyable.

    9. Tasteful - Having a pleasant or attractive flavor.

    10. Pleasant - Giving pleasure or contentment, agreeable.

    11. Sweetening - Making something sweeter or more pleasant.

    12. Delicious - Having a very pleasant taste.

    13. Appealing - Attractive or interesting, inviting.

    14. Milder - Not as strong or intense, less severe.

    15. Insufficient - Not enough, inadequate.

    16. Lax - Not strict or thorough, careless.

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Sentences including

  • The girl played the baby to her mother.

  • Your view is too optimistic.

  • He is unrealistic.

  • He likes sweets.

  • He's a pushover.

  • This cake is sweet.

  • The teacher grades easily.

  • I want something sweet to eat.

  • My sister likes sweets.

  • Don't spoil the children.

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