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Kanji Detail for 覆 - "cover, overturn"

  • Meaning

    覆 means "cover, overturn."

    1. Cover, Cover Up - To cover something with a cloth or other material. To hide or conceal something. To wrap something.

    2. Turn Over, Flip Over - To turn something over or upside down.

    3. Destroy, Ruin - To cause something to be destroyed or ruined.

    4. Oppose, Contradict - To be in opposition or contradiction to something.

    5. Repeat, Recur - To do something again and again. To repeat or reiterate something.

    6. Overlay, Layer - To place one thing over another.

    7. Investigate, Examine - To look into or research something. To make something clear or known. To inspect or examine something.

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Sentences including

  • The mountain is covered with snow.

  • The city was blanketed with snow.

  • The hill was all covered with snow.

  • The train was overturned.

  • The top of the mountain was covered with snow.

  • Snow covered the bus.

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