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Kanji Detail for 秩 - "order, regularity, rank"

  • Meaning

    秩 means "order, regularity, rank."

    1. Order - The arrangement of things according to a particular sequence or in a particular position.

    2. Sequence - The order in which related things follow each other.

    3. Position - The particular place that something occupies.

    4. Official - A person who holds a position of authority in a government or other organization.

    5. Support - The action of providing assistance or aid.

    6. Salary - A fixed regular payment, typically paid on a monthly basis, but often expressed annually, for work or services.

    7. Ten-year period - A period of ten years, used as a measure of time or as a way to mark the passage of time.

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Sentences including

  • The police keep order.

  • It's difficult to keep order in this town.

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