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Kanji Detail for 濫 - "excessive, indiscriminate, overflow"

  • Meaning

    濫 means "excessive, indiscriminate, overflow."

    1. Overflowing - To be filled to the brim or beyond capacity.

    2. Spreading - To expand or grow in size or scope.

    3. Overflowing Out - To be filled to the point of overflowing.

    4. Extending - To stretch out or reach out in length.

    5. Floating - To be suspended in the air or on the surface of a liquid.

    6. Recklessly - To act without thought or caution.

    7. Disordered - To be in a state of chaos or confusion.

    8. Excessive - To be more than is necessary or appropriate.

    9. Soaking - To be immersed in a liquid.

    10. Submerging - To be completely covered by a liquid.

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Sentences including

  • This river is going to overflow.

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