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Kanji Detail for 馴 - "tame, domesticate, train"

  • Meaning

    馴 means "tame, domesticate, train."

    1. Accustom - To become accustomed to something through experience or repetition.

    2. Acclimate - To become accustomed to a new environment or situation.

    3. Obey - To comply with the orders or requests of another.

    4. Listen - To pay attention to what is being said.

    5. Obedient - Behaving in a way that is respectful and compliant.

    6. Docile - Easily managed or controlled.

    7. Honest - Free from deceit or untruthfulness.

    8. Righteous - Morally right or justifiable.

    9. Teach - To impart knowledge or skills to someone.

    10. Guide - To provide direction or advice to someone.

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Sentences including

  • He is used to getting up early.

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