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Kanji Detail for 與 - "and, with"

  • Meaning

    與 means "and, with."

    1. Give - To provide or supply something to someone.

    2. Join forces - To combine efforts in order to achieve a common goal.

    3. Become allies - To form a partnership or alliance with someone.

    4. Together - To be in the same place or situation at the same time.

    5. Take along - To accompany someone or something.

    6. Entrust - To give someone the responsibility of taking care of something.

    7. Involve - To be a part of or connected to something.

    8. Relate - To have a connection or association with something.

    9. Participate - To take part in an activity or event.

    10. Compare - To examine or look at in order to note similarities and differences.

    11. Parallel - To be similar or analogous in some way.

    12. Indicate - To point out or show something.

    13. Question - To ask for information or an explanation.

    14. Irony - To express something different from what is actually meant.

    15. Eulogy - To praise someone or something in a speech or writing.

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