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Kanji Detail for 罷 - "quit, resign, stop, cease, end"

  • Meaning

    罷 means "quit, resign, stop, cease, end."

    1. "Stop, Cease - To end or discontinue an activity or process.

    2. Rest, Take A Break - To take a break from an activity or process.

    3. Cancel, Suspend - To temporarily suspend an activity or process.

    4. Abolish, Discontinue - To permanently end an activity or process.

    5. Forgive, Pardon - To forgive someone for a wrong they have done.

    6. Change, Alter - To make a change to something.

    7. Dismiss, Relieve - To remove someone from a position or duty.

    8. Tire, Exhaust - To become tired or exhausted from an activity or process.

    9. Dull, Weak, Foolish - To be slow, weak, or foolish.

    10. Reach The Limit, Extreme - To reach the limit or extreme of something.

    11. Retire, Leave, Depart - To leave or depart from a place or activity.

    12. Attend, Go - To go to a place or activity."

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