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Kanji Detail for 籠 - "basket, cage, coop"

  • Meaning

    籠 means "basket, cage, coop."

    1. To enclose or shut in - To close or confine something in a container or space.

    2. To hide - To conceal oneself or something from view.

    3. To stay overnight in a temple or shrine for prayer.

    4. To contain or package - To put something inside a container or package.

    5. Bamboo basket - A basket woven from bamboo.

    6. Carrying tool - A tool used to carry dirt.

    7. Quiver - A tool or weapon used to carry arrows on one's back.

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Sentences including

  • He has a large basket full of flowers.

  • My cat came out of the basket.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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