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Kanji Detail for 監 - "supervise, oversee, watch over"

  • Meaning

    監 means "supervise, oversee, watch over."

    1. To Observe, To Watch Over - This involves keeping an eye on something or someone to ensure that they are safe and secure.

    2. To Manage, To Oversee - This involves taking responsibility for the management of something or someone.

    3. To imprison - This involves confining someone in a prison or jail.

    4. To Examine, To Inspect - This involves closely examining something to ensure that it meets certain standards.

    5. To serve as a model or example - This involves using something as a model or example for others to follow.

    6. An official or courtier - This involves someone who is appointed to a position of authority in a court or government.

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Sentences including

  • Who is the manager of that baseball team?

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