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Kanji Detail for 推 - "to recommend, to advocate, to promote"

  • Meaning

    推 means "to recommend, to advocate, to promote."

    1. Push forward - To push or propel something forward.

    2. Push up - To lift or raise something up.

    3. Recommend - To suggest or endorse something.

    4. Consider - To think or ponder over something.

    5. Spread out - To extend or expand something.

    6. Change - To experience a transformation or alteration.

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Sentences including

  • We went ahead with the plan for the party.

  • Your guess is wrong.

  • Can you recommend a good dictionary to me?

  • The teacher recommended this dictionary to us.

  • I can recommend this book to you.

  • We began to see what we can deduce from it.

  • I like reading mysteries.

  • Is there any place you recommend?

  • He recommended this dictionary to me.

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