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Kanji Detail for 吞 - "swallow, gulp, ingest"

  • Meaning

    吞 means "swallow, gulp, ingest."

    1. Swallow, Gulp Down - To consume or take in something quickly and without chewing.

    2. Hide, Conceal - To keep something out of sight or to not reveal something.

    3. Endure, Bear - To tolerate or withstand something difficult or unpleasant.

    4. Take Lightly, Dismiss - To not take something seriously or to not give it much thought.

    5. Make One's Own - To claim something as one's own.

    6. Take In, Invade - To enter and take control of a place or situation.

    7. Merge, Unify - To combine two or more things into one.

    8. Destroy, Annihilate - To completely destroy something.

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