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Kanji Detail for 傳 - "transmit, pass on, hand down"

  • Meaning

    傳 means "transmit, pass on, hand down."

    1. To transmit or convey - To pass on information, knowledge, or stories from one person to another.

    2. To pass on - To hand down or transfer something from one generation to the next.

    3. To spread - To widely disseminate information or stories.

    4. Oral tradition - A story or account of events that is passed down from generation to generation.

    5. Post station - A place where travelers and goods can be transported by horse-drawn carriage.

    6. Commentary - Notes or annotations on classical texts, scriptures, etc.

    7. Courier - A message sent to achieve a goal or to convey information.

    8. Biography - A written account of a person's life.

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